Open the awareness of your pelvic diaphragm. I’m not saying to open your frontal lobe to be aware of your pelvic diaphragm. I am suggesting you open the awareness of your pelvic diaphragm itself. And play with the difference between your frontal lobe watching your pelvic diaphragm and your pelvic diaphragm informing your consciousness.
— Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Body-Mind Centering® is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and consciousness. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, it is an experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological, psychophysicaland developmental principles, utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind. Its uniqueness lies in the specificity with which each of the body systems can be personally embodied and integrated, the fundamental groundwork of developmental repatterning, and the utilization of a body-based language to describe movement and body-mind relationships.

The study of Body-Mind Centering® is a creative process in which embodiment of the material is explored in the context of self-discovery and openness. Each person is both the student and the subject matter and the underlying goal is to discover the ease that underlies transformation.

The Body-Mind Centering® approach has an almost unlimited number of areas of application. It is currently being used by people in movement, dance, yoga, bodywork, somatic studies, physical and occupational therapy, psychotherapy, child development, education, voice, music, art, meditation, athletics and other body-mind disciplines.

Programs and Courses

Body-Mind Centering® programs present detailed and specific approaches to the personal embodiment of our cells, our body systems and our developmental patterns and the ways in which all of these interact with our awareness, perception and consciousness. The principles and techniques learned in courses can be used for personal development and for professional enhancement.

The School for Body-Mind Centering®

Since 1973, the School has been dedicated to sharing this dynamic approach to embodiment studies with the world. There are graduates in 32 countries and on five continents. Programs are now offered by licensed organizations in the United States, Europe and South America. Graduates of these programs receive a certificate from the School for Body-Mind Centering®.

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Licensed Training Organizations

Approved Body-Mind Centering® programs are offered by licensed organizations using the curriculum developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as well as her written materials. Graduates of these programs receive a certificate from the School for Body-Mind Centering®.

For descriptions of our various programs and courses, visit the Programs page. To see a combined list of upcoming courses for all licensed organizations, please visit the upcoming courses page.

For more information about programs and courses including current schedules, please contact one or more of the organizations listed below. 


Estonia: Somaatikum

France: SOMA

Germany: moveus

Greece: Dansarte

Italy: Leben nuova

Slovakia: Babyfit

Spain: Movimiento Atlas

United Kingdom and Warsaw, Poland: Embody Move Association

North America

North Carolina and California: Kinesthetic Learning Center

Lorane, Oregon: Moving Within

Montreal, Canada: Esprit en Mouvement

Rhode Island: Sonder Movement Project

Texas: EmbodiYoga

South America

Argentina: Centro de Investigación y Estudios Corporales

Brazil and Uruguay: Corporalmente